A Smarter Way To Share Social Media


Buffer - A Smarter Way To Share Social Media
We’ve got a slight obsession with finding and sharing great content, and we have a hunch that you’ll love Buffer as much as we do!

It’s really important for you to stay active across your social channels.

Buffer is a smarter way to share and it’s super easy to use.

Be awesome on social media. Easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer and Buffer automagically share them for you through the day!

Sign in with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn!

Multiple Accounts – Post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and App.net accounts easily and quickly from wherever you find great content!

Analytics & Insights – Get free, detailed analytics on all your posts to every social network. See how many likes, shares and retweets you get at a glance!

Team Members – Invite your whole team to make consistent sharing easier. Anyone can manage the account from all our apps.

In Your Browser – Using the Buffer button and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari share any page in seconds!

On Your Mobile – Buffer has native apps for iPhone and Android that make sharing on the go super quick and easy.

Wherever You Read – Buffer has integrations and compatibility with all of the major news reader apps – use Buffer from your favorite app.

Join for free and get an extra post in your Buffer. Our way of saying you rock!!!

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Posted By Robson Grant