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Commission Crusader

Crazy Marketer Ranks YouTube Videos For Massive Profit!!

How much money do you think you could make doing internet video marketing if you could rank simple marketing youtube videos on the first page of Google for massive traffic keywords?

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What if I told you that ANYONE CAN do YouTube Video Marketing & Google Video Marketing?

You probably just said to yourself… “Yeah I heard it all before.”

So let me ask you this then (and this may be a bit painful for you to think about)

“Do you currently promote youtube video & how much are you making right now?

How much are you REALLY making off that last product you bought? nothing?

Then let me tell you a little story about how I now promote YouTube videos & get views on YouTube…

People that know me also know I like to:

  • Try new viral video marketing ideas that I come up with.
  • That I love to test new things while marketing on YouTube.
  • That I am very analytical when it comes to online video marketing.

I discovered how to promote YouTube videos and get more of my videos to the first page of Google.

Now I can show you how to get your YouTube video more views while doing viral video marketing!

Although I’ve had a fair amount of success in the past with my marketing video production I only seemed to have about a 15% to 20% chance of getting a video to rank…

…and that was only If a video wasn’t already ranking for my keyword on the first page.

That really isn’t a bad percentage when you think about it.

Especially when you are dropping a bunch of marketing videos in YouTube.


I needed a way to increase that percentage I was getting from my online video advertising and help them to go viral.

So eventually the YouTube video marketing secrets I came up with made me want to slap myself for not thinking of it earlier.

Once you know what it is, I bet you will feel the same way to!

But then I needed videos to have more success as far as converting viewers to visitors of my various sites…

I had to start thinking about how to structure my videos.

Then… I had a new issue.

It took entirely too long for me to actually verify the information I needed to use to get my videos ranked.

BUT… again there was another issue.

There are just a lot of things that happen when handling the process I was doing.

Things that made the PHP script act stupid, making it extremely annoying to use.

So I hired a windows programmer to convert my PHP application into a windows application to create YouTube marketing videos.


That cleared the issues up and made my research super quick!

So that is what YOU are getting today.

My super secret easy to understand formula for getting videos to rank.

My way of structuring a video marketing YouTube to produce results.

The software that makes this process quick and painless and helps to show you how to make a viral YouTube video!

The method is Fun, Profitable, and pretty darn easy & marketing on YouTube couldn’t get any easier!


Affiliate Marketing, CPA, List Building, Promoting Your Own Products, Offline Clients, Traffic Generation, And a lot more…


1) My super secret easy to understand formula for getting YouTube videos to rank.
2) How to promote your YouTube video and how to get more views on YouTube.
2) My way of formatting a video to produce better results and get more YouTube video views.
3) The software that makes my process quick and easy!

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Commission Crusader is worth the investment!

Posted By Robson Grant