Content Curation Myths Exposed


Content Curation - A New Online Marketing Process
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What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the consistent process of collecting, organizing and displaying links and snippits of the most relevant information and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for a target market including insightful, expert analysis provided by the curator.

Services or people that implement content curation are called content curators.

Content Curation Myths Exposed

Myth: Curation is just creating “duplicate content” which Google frowns upon.

Fact: Real curation does not create duplicate content under the rules Google set forth long ago to combat multiple versions of the same website on different domains showing up in search results. Google will rank anything that is unique that qualifies for a search term over other websites, even if some of the content on the page is found elsewhere. Wholesale copying of content from one website to another is not curation.

Myth: Linking out to other websites takes people away from my site and hurts my traffic.

Fact: Linking out is how the most popular sites on the web became and continue to be such valuable resources. They are popular, high-traffic sites because they are useful to readers who appreciate (and come back for) the things they discover on good sites.

Myth: Aggregating content with RSS feeds and other “scraping” methods is curation.

Fact: This is called Autoblogging, and auto bloggers are selling their software under the buzzword
“curation” in an attempt to fool people. Don’t fall for it. Google doesn’t rank these sites and
people don’t like reading them.


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Content curation really works and tens of thousands of bloggers use it to produce traffic in far less time than it takes to constantly churn out 100% original content.

Done properly, with the right tools and techniques, curation can take a stagnant content site and turn it into a sticky, social media and search-engine-worthy targeted traffic site!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for more search engine rankings, better site authority, a more dedicated following, or more social media buzz. Curation is the best way for busy people to reap the rewards of a high-traffic site without spending all day, every day, writing content and trying to “trick” people into visiting their sites with mediocre content.

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