Copywriting VS Copyrighting


Copy WritingNot to be confused with Copy writing, copyrighting refers to the process of making sure that your intellectual property (writing, music, art, etc) are not used without your expressed permission. SEO copyrighting is done on a limited basis when dealing with internet work. SEO copy writing, however, is the thing people are often trying to convey when talking about copyrighting.

Copy writing, when used in conjunction with SEO (search engine optimization), refers to the creation of content for sites which will help the site be more optimized for search engines. This content is normally written with keywords in mind, so these words will be used throughout the content (where applicable). There is a certain percentage of keywords to total content ratio that is often kept in mind. Experts usually suggest between 2 to 3% depending on the length of your article or piece of content posted.

One of the advantages of copy writing is that it can draw more people to your site. Copy (content) that is easy to read and well written will often bring visitors back to your site who find your site initially. This allows more exposure to advertising on your site. Additionally, search engines now offer searchers a small paragraph of information about a site when the search comes up. What is in that paragraph could determine whether or not a visitor will visit your website.

Adding new ‘copy’ to your site can also be used to update your internet work site frequently. Small amounts of new material will even catch the search engines’ attention, this is why it is a good idea to keep putting new content on your site frequently. This will combine new material, along with keywords on your site to make the best possible content for your site, which in turn will allow search engines to find your website and rank you higher.

Copy writing is definitely one of the fastest growing aspects of SEO on the web. Making sure that your site is search engine friendly can be as easy as making sure you have good, easy to read, content on your website.

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