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One of the biggest affiliate marketing tips that I can offer you is to promote Clickbank products.

When I advise you to do this, I instruct you to browse popular products and promote them using “optimized product name keywords” in google and getting good traffic…

But the biggest problem I’ve seen is that EVERYONE is doing it and the “popular-selling” products have very high competition and Clickbank doesn’t give YOU enough good stats…

So over the past year, my friends have created an AMAZING firefox plugin tool that tells you EXACTLY what Clickbank products to promote via SEO, without the research.

And I want to give you a chance to go and try it for FREE, just sign up download and start using it!

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The magic happens when you go ahead and install this free Firefox Add-on and then view the Clickbank marketplace.

You can use it with all the affiliate marketing you do with Clickbank.

It’s free. >> https://netizenpros.com/go/cbsurge/

Install it in your FireFox browser and go to the Clickbank Marketplace. You’ll be amazed at what you will see! 🙂

One cool thing it does… it tells you if a product is worth promoting with SEO traffic.

Promoting any product with SEO traffic will always convert into more sales when the visitors are searching for the “product name keyword”. It’s no secret… The visitor is already in the
buying mode! But the problem with this is knowing WHICH products are worth spending your time doing the SEO work for.

And we all know there are tons of affiliate marketing tools out there… But the problem with these tools are they do TOO MANY things and are super-clunky…

… and they don’t do 1 specific function extremely well.

The 1 specific function I’m referring to is the simple act of showing you how competitive any product-name keyword is. (i.e. how difficult OR easy it will be to rank that product name keyword
in Google)

Anyway, watch the video at the link below and grab the free software!

>> https://netizenpros.com/go/cbsurge/

Enjoy this one!

P.S. Watch for the OPTIONAL upgrade offer that allows you to get YOUR affiliate links on 16,000+ Clickbank marketplace products!

It will benefit you for years to come.

The FREE version is worth $47+ on it’s own…

Don’t think about it – just download it now and thank me later – it’s FREE!

CBSurge >> https://netizenpros.com/go/cbsurge/

Hope this helps!


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