IBOtoolbox v2.0!




IBOToolbox is a FREE Independent Business Owner Social Community.

The platform includes a free contact manager, social profile, facebook app, wall plates, business blogger, IBOURL system, advertising, lead generation, traffic system, google ranker, proven seo and business network plus more.

IBOToolbox is broken down into 2 websites. We call them IBOToolbox (backend) and IBOSocial (public). When you setup your profile inside IBOToolbox, it is available for others to see on your own IBOSocial profile.

This system will do amazing things for your business. All free. Once your profile is setup, you will begin to see what IBOToolbox can do.

IBO Toolbox/Social Platform in my opinion, is one of the most amazing platforms on the internet for many reasons but the ones that stand out to me are the following:

– Develop new international business connections.
– Generate perpetual free search engine traffic by ranking press releases (blog posts) on the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
– A ton of system features.
– Earn free PPV Advertising Credits by using the platform!

  • Login Bonus Credits
  • Blog Posting Bonus Credits
  • Newsletter Coupon Bonus Credits
  • Dashboard Bonus Credits
  • Live Conference Bonus Credits

Best of all the IBOtoolbox Social Platform is 100% Free with optional extra PPV (Pay Per View) Text and Banner Ad Credits. Earn free credits by using the platform and benefit big time!

It even includes an incredible live chat link feature that you can share in your signatures so that prospects can instantly connect with you!



Of course, we created our own custom sub-domain with redirect so it looks pretty! 😉


The cherry on top is that your IBOSocial Profile page includes a mobile version!! (AH-HA Moment!)


According to the latest newsletter, IBOToolbx is supposed to get even better moving forward…

It’s coming!

We are now getting closer to the new IBOtoolbox v2.0!

According to the “Updates” section, IBO developers are now in the final stages of completing the newest release of the IBO platform! This is very exciting! As most of you have witnessed first hand, IBO is a very complex platform and not the easiest to navigate through! IBO has stepped it up so that we, as users come first!

The new release will have better structure, flow more smoothly and most importantly, be simplified even for the newest member arriving to IBO! Rest assured your new referrals will feel comfortable and not need assistance grasping how to utilize the platform. Buttons/navigation will be easily visible where they should be and links will be underlined. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! Look for IBOtoolbox v2.0 to be released June 1, 2013!