Importance of Meta Tags For Your Business


Meta TagsMeta tag manipulation has been considered the path to high search engine ranking for a long time. This is not the case anymore. Google has moved past this as one of the only major factors on ranking your work online from home site. They are not nearly as important as they used to be. It is the content of your site as well as backlinks (inlinks) that make or break a website these days.

Google meta tags still carry some weight and you still need to get them correct. When it comes to these tags, there are three things you should focus on – meta titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions. Here is how they apply to Google page rankings:

First, the easiest meta tag, keywords. Google simply doesn’t appear to place any major value on meta keyword tags. However, you should still include them in case the other search engines find your website.

Second, the meta title. Normally, search engine experts suggest you put 10 to 15 words in the meta title. Since Google now looks at the meta tags and page as an entire package, you should try to keep very focused on your main keyword phrase. Regardless of the number of words in the phrase, I personally only use that phrase in the meta title.

Third, meta description. This is also somewhat important when it comes to Google rankings. Some people would argue on this point, but testing has shown this to be the case. The meta description should be no more than 40 words should incorporate your keyword phrase a couple times.

Google meta tags are often a very controversial subject. Almost everyone agrees that meta keywords are not important, but opinions vary slightly on title and descriptions. I think they are important, especially on non-Google search engines and work online at home sites.

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