Organize Your Social Footprint with XeeMe


Organize Your Social Footprint with XeeMe


> Get all your social profiles in one place.
> Share your XeeMe to expand your network.
> Measure progress and impact — it’s free!

A clean overview.

This is how a XeeMe can look like: (now Appearoo)

Leverage your efforts.
Are you tired of investing countless hours of uploading and/or contributing content on sites but most of your follower don’t even know you are there? Share all these sites with your complete social presence and let everybody know what you are doing.
Make sure you get your user name early on.
Like in all social networks, once a user name is gone – it’s gone.
So take it as long as you can.
And if it is gone already, grab the next best alternative.

> Organize – All your social profiles in one place
> Impact – Turn your engagement into responses
> Reach – Extending your reach with Buzz and other apps


What XeeMe does for you:
1) Organizing your social presence. – XeeMe allows you to put all your social media profiles, sites, groups, communities into one place. Share your presence with one URL:
2) Create a serious impact. – Turning all your engagement into actionable responses.
3) Extend your reach. – By using Buzz!™, Flights!™ and other XeeMe applications you can seriously increase your reach. The XeeMe apps allow you stay focused on your most relevant connections to strengthen your network.


Expand your social capital.
1) Registrations with your referal key will automatically be connected with you.
2) Their social presence is automatically accessible in your social contact manager.
3) You earn credits for every person who joins XeeMe
4) Their social presence activities will be added to your influencer score (NEW)
5) The more people join the higher your recruit level in XeeMe

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