RSS Feeds and Why They Are Crucial For Your Website


RSSWhat is an RSS Feed you might ask?

RSS is an acronym, it stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It is one of several ways that an online marketing business can make sure that their updated information gets to their subscribers quickly and easily. Most of the time these feeds are used to update readers of blogs or news sites on new information or products that have been posted.

Now that you know what RSS means, let me tell you how it works. Really Simple Syndication is maintained by using a code known as ‘XML’, which stands for ‘extensible markup language’. This data format is a good way to be able to send out your feed without having to use a lot of fancy graphics or other large files, thus making it so simple and easy. A program, downloaded by the reader or subscriber to your online marketing business blog or website, is able to take the XML data and put it into a format which can be be read by your subscribers.

There are a number of feeds out there. The most commonly used ones are RSS 1 and RSS 2. These days most people who use RSS are up to date with RSS 2 but there are still a few older sites that use RSS 1 technology. Most, if not all of the feed readers available today are able to read both formats, but it is important that you make sure this is true for your site you are using specifically.

Feeds are most commonly used by bloggers. They make a great additional to a blog without learning any coding or complicated information, thus so appealing to a wide range of bloggers.

In short, a RSS feed is a great way to make sure your subscribers/readers can easily keep up to date with your website and the information on it.

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