SEO Variables


SEO Variables

There are many different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) variables that can affect your internet work site’s page ranking in search engines. The following is a list of some of those variables. This list includes many of the variables that are currently and formerly known to affect search engine page rank. Keep in mind that some of these variables are more important than others.

Things that affect ranks in a positive way:

– Keywords in your page’s body text.
– In-bound link popularity.
– Title tag keywords.
– Directory listings.

Things that affect ranks in a negative way:

– Using the same words or phrases many times in your title, meta tags, or text.
Putting an over-abundance of words or phrases into your meta tags or title that have nothing to do with the text on your page.
– Making text the same color as the background color.
– Using a very small text font in order to cram keywords into a page.
– Linking to sites that have nothing to do with your site.
– Linking to link farms or free-for-all link pages.
– Getting linked to from link farms or FFA (free for all) link pages.

Things that have been thought to possibly affect page rank positively in the past:

– Keywords in your domain name.
– Using keywords that are bold text.
– Using keywords in heading tags (H1,H2, etc).
– Using keywords at the top of a page.
– Keywords in the description meta tag.
– Keywords in the keywords meta tag.
– Keywords in alt tags.
– Keywords as names of your images.

As you can see, there are many variables that can affect your page ranking in a positive or negative way. Some work in a positive way, and some don’t. Testing your site frequently is truly the only way to find out what works for you.

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