SpeakPipe – Web VoiceMail Application


SpeakPipe - Web Voicemail Application

Want to listen to your website visitors, customers or readers?

Set up a voicemail widget on your website or add the voicemail application to your Facebook page!

This allows your customers and visitors to leave voice messages right from a browser.

No phone calls are required!

Install a voicemail widget on your website and your visitors will start to talk to you!

SpeakPipe provides a simple way to listen to voice messages from your customers.

Send Us A Voice MessageWe would love to hear from you! Please record your message.

See it in action: click the “Send us a voice message” tab in the middle-right of your screen or click here.

Don’t force your customers to type a text message. Let them talk and show them that you are listening.

SpeakPipe is free while it is in Beta. After Beta, SpeakPipe will provide a basic free account and premium accounts with some additional features.

SpeakPipe supports HTML Websites, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla and Facebook!

Posted By Robson Grant