What Is A Funded Proposal System?


What Is A Funded Proposal System?A Funded Proposal System is a unique marketing strategy where you offer a low-cost but very useful information or software product on the “front end” and then the primary product, service or opportunity on the “back end” to your target market.

Every network or affiliate marketer online should learn how to generate prospects to pay them up front before ever introducing their primary business. This marketing method will allow any marketer to “fund” their advertising budget.

A Funded Proposal System Serves Two Purposes:

1. You acquire highly targeted, motivated prospects that have expressed their interest in what you have to offer and they have further qualified themselves by making a purchase from you.

2. You generate up-front income that helps fund your advertising.

Hence the term, “funded proposal”, you are funding your advertising.

The leads that are acquired pay for your ads to locate and qualify them.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

How It Works

You advertise a product such to people in your target market because they require effective marketing tools in order to build their primary business.

In this case, your target market is network marketers who all need assistance in sponsoring more people.

To further enhance your marketing plan, you lead with “Free”, such as a free video training course or feeder program which will sell your information while presenting an overview video on how to use and the benefits of using the product or service.

The information or software product should be very affordable and offer great value in order to be an effective marketing tool. You can often up-sell your customers to your primary business and/or other offers.

You are making money to pay for your advertising on the front-end and earning even more money on the back-end, whether your lead decides to join your primary business or not.

When the product is excellent, the funded proposal business model works extremely well.

Always remember, you’re not in affiliate marketing, you’re in business!

Using a funded proposal can also improve your network marketing business and it is an effective way to increase your advertising budget.

A strategy in which you sell an information or software product for a nominal fee can improve your conversion rate for your network marketing business. The money you earn from the sales of product will pay for your marketing efforts.

This product is used to develop trust with your prospects and they will eventually seek you out to get involved with your primary business and/or purchase other effective marketing tools.

“Perfect funded proposals” are those that provide residual income (pay monthly profits).

Aweber is the perfect funded proposal.